ADHD, Today.

Today is one of those days that epitomizes my ADHD.

After two days at Disney with a three year old in 100 degree + heat, I decided a relaxing day would be best.


Yeah, right.

I was up at 6 AM to drive almost an hour to a doctor’s appointment. I injured my wrist (during the reading of To Kill a Mockingbird to my ninth graders) in 2016 and it magically resolved a few months after. Of course, the pain came back months later and I could not get into the doctor until now.

The office sent me a new patient packet (which I forgot) so when I showed up at 8 AM, without my insurance card, I had to frantically start and finish the paperwork.

The appointment went well—the doctor was excellent—and we decided on surgery. I am slightly terrified of surgery* so my impulsive brain accidentally scheduled surgery for the wrong dates and have to fix that…tomorrow.

Then I went to school to organize my classroom and plan for summer school. And instead of getting either of those done, I left with a longer to-do list than I went in with.

List I Entered With
  • organize SOME of the books in the classroom
  • plan for the first few days of summer school
List I left With
  • paint bookshelves
  • find more students to invite for summer school
  • prioritize standards before planning
  • weed my classroom library before organizing
  • determine daily routine for summer school

I then lost track of time (and my keys!) and had to rush to my massage appointment I made last night before falling asleep. It was wonderful and relaxing, but I still was running through a long mental to-do list instead of fully enjoying the moment.

I rushed home to start my first class with Teach Write online. That is where I learned about Slice of Life and I decided to sit and write a short slice of my day today. During our class we were asked to write down 5 things we believe about writing. The first word I wrote down was “daunting” because I find that when I write with my teacher hat on, I anticipate sharing. The act of sharing my writing causes a lot of anxiety for me, so instead of pushing through…I give up. So, here’s to not giving up today.

My ADHD diagnosis* is of the hyperactive impulsive type. I am not inattentive; I pay attention to too many things at once. I feel like today is a perfect example of my disorder. I drove 100 miles today and accomplished…well not much. I started a class, began a medical process, finished one massage, forgot my grocery list…and started (and completed!) this post. I am staring down the hall into a room full of books to be read and papers to be organized and hoping I can find the time this summer to accomplish just a few more things on my list.

And for a visual representation of how my brain feels today:








*more posts on these to come!