Text Set for Ghost Boys

If you haven’t read Jewell Parker Rhodes’ Ghost Boys yet, you are missing out on a book that will stay with you for a long time.

It’s also one of the Project Lit Book Club choices for 2018-19.

I don’t know yet if I will have the opportunity to teach with this novel next year. But, after reading it I remembered that I had written about a character that appears in the book, Emmett Till. I went back to one of my old saved notes. All it said was “so many poems about Emmett Till!” The violence and injustice of Emmett Till’s story, cut short by white supremacy and evil men and women, has rippled through American culture into our music, poetry, literature…too often we see faces and stories like his.

Ghost Boys is no exception. When the boy with the round hat was introduced, I was immediately in tears. You owe it to yourself to read this book.

Here is the goodreads description, if you haven’t heard about it yet.

So, here is the first installment of curated text sets. I anticipate adding more to this as I read more and I haven’t yet added primary sources or writings from closer to the time of the tragedy.

bit.ly/ghostboystextset feel free to make a copy of your own.

Link to purchase book

Please comment with any feedback! I hope this helps as you plan to introduce students to the legacy of Emmett Till and Ghost Boys.

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